DeSmuMe 0.9.7リリース

  • DeSmuME » DeSmuME 0.9.7 released!
  • 0.9.6 -> 0.9.7 (r3493-r3654-r3812)
    bug: fix a ton of old, broken cpu opcodes and CP15 logic
    bug: return Z1 and Z2 from TSC (fixes some touch logic)
    bug: gba slot save type detection improved
    bug: handle unusual rom headers more correctly
    bug: dont confuse motion pack commands with save memory commands
    bug: make cheat system a little less flaky and add AR 1.54 support
    bug: fix nondeterministic backup memory behaviour while rerecording
    bug: correct emulation of register accesses of wrong size and during powerdown
    bug: rewrite –cflash-path emulation
    bug: rewrite IPC/GX FIFO, IRQ flag generation, and wait-for-IRQ logics
    bug: rewrite RTC calendar handling; now supports years > 2038
    enh: auto-DLDI patching for homebrew
    enh: –gbaslot-rom=self mounts self.nds in slot2
    enh: more realistic exception handling
    enh: piano controller emulation
    enh: modular slot-1 system for exact emulation of homebrew cards
    bug: edge marking colors were wrong
    bug: handle some “invalid” vram configurations correctly
    bug: convert half of geometry engine to fixed point
    bug: fix sprite blend+fadein/fadeout
    bug: improve rasterizer shadows
    bug: fix main memory display DMA
    bug: fix some raster fx timing bugs
    enh: add a hack for improving some non-stencil shadows
    bug: misc fixes and improvements to gpu viewer tools
    bug: sub screen layer display toggling fixed
    bug: fixes and improvements to ram watch, ram search, cheats list
    bug: fix start-paused commandline
    bug: fix memory leaks when sound disabled
    bug: improve load average calculators and add arm7 load average
    enh: background input support
    enh: add vsync option
    enh: support more knobs on joysticks
    enh: import cheats from R4 database
    enh: add xinput rumble for 360 pads
    bug: crash less in recent roms list
    enh: Add horizontal screen layout and swap screen ability to gtk frontend (noodlebox)
    enh: Big improvement to joystick support, support complex configurations and multiple devices (noodlebox)



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