公式サイト: (閉鎖)

作者: AnonEmus?

最新バージョン: 0.4



高速で互換性のあるLLE N64エミュレーターに対する中途半端な試みのもと開発されている。
実行するにはPIF Boot ROMのデータをroms\pifdata.binへ保存する必要がある。



  • First public release for speed testing only.


  • Fixed D-pad handling
  • Implemented 60 FPS sync
  • Improved speed a little
  • Implemented fast-forward/unthrottle


  • Increased compatibility. Many more games now work including Golden Eye,
    Indiana Jones, Turok 2, Turok 3 and probably many more.
  • Preliminary sound support. Emulation is synced to audio so it will
    pop if your computer can't run a game fast enough. There is some minor
    crackling in some games also.
  • PAL region support. You will need PAL PIF for many games to run.
  • Flashram support added. A sample database file is included to detect game
    save types.
  • Saving of game save types.
  • Zip file support. Only first file will be loaded.
  • New user interface.
  • Linux support


  • New platform native UI.
  • Fixed sound.
  • Save states support.
  • Improved memory PAK initialization. Thanks to bryc.
  • Interframe blending support.
  • Rumble PAK support.
  • Confgurable joypad/gamepad/keyboard support.
  • Probably some other stuff I can't remember now.