ePSXe v1.9.25 日本語化パッチ


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  • ePSXe v1.9.25, released on 27.01.2015
    – Added HLE bios support (an official PS1 is recommend yet). From this
    version ePSXe can run ps1 games without an official PS1 bios, it includes
    HLE bios emulation. Support is limited, but it is good enought to run a
    very high number of games.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Savestates done with a official PS1 bios are NOT compatible
    with savestates done with ePSXe HLE bios (Besides it uses a different namespace).
    – Fixed multi-bin format in Windows version (redump format). Now it supports
    the games saved in multiple bins files + cue file directly.
    – Better SBI subchannel support (for example in Medievil) and fixed SBI in games
    with ECM format. Added SBI support in MDS/MDF format.
    – Added support to save memcards by game. Enabling this option it will
    create 2 memcards by everygame in memcards/games/ folder, using the serial
    of the game. In multidisc games, it will share the same memcards by all
    of discs.
    – Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core which made almost 20 more games
    playable or working better like. For example this fixed
    – Arcade Party Pak: Rampage now works
    – Crash Bash: Pause menu now works
    – Final Fantasy V
    – Junclassic C.C. & Rope club
    – Kamen Rider v3
    – Minakatakudou Toujyou
    – NHL Face Off 2001
    – Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.3
    – Omizu no Hanamichi
    – Sentient
    – Simple 1500 Series Vol.006 – The Hanafuda [Rerelease]
    – Standby Say You
    – Tombi
    – Tombi 2
    – Twins Story – Kimi ni Tsutaetakute
    – Vanark: Pause menu now works
    – Worms Armageddon
    – Yuukyuu no Eden – The Eternal Eden
    – Yeh Yeh Tennis
    – New experimental dmachaincore that maybe can fix some graphic glitches in
    some games like Tomb Raider Chronicles or Metal Gear Solid. Usage execute
    epsxe.exe -dmachaincore.
    – Note: for information about compatibility and games’s configuration,
    it is recommended that you visit the “Playstation Datacenter” at
    http://psxdatacenter.com/. We want to thank Gladiator and Angel who
    have been a very important help in betatesting the new version.

    [DL: ePSXe v1.9.25 日本語化パッチ]


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