Snes9x v1.61 日本語化パッチ

Snes9x 1.61
– Restructured tile.cpp tile renderer from heavy macros into C++
templates, significantly lowering compile time. (yoffy)
– MichaelBuckley provided a brand new MacOS port that is completely
rewritten based on newer, supported APIs.
– Fixed an out-of-bound memory access in sound DSP. (Sour, byuu)
– Revert default SFX2 clock speed increase.
– Added a render position hack. Fixes glitches in several games.
– Allow an SRAM mapping up to 128KB.

– Apply turbo mode volume when rewinding.
– Added menu entry to load oops files, and an option to confirm before
saving or loading states.
– Fixed sound volume resetting when sound reinitializes.
– Added a save-state preview dialog.
– Added save banks for up to 100 states
– Added support for relative-style save slots
– Fixed blargg rf filter.
– Show command line options on -h and /?

– Added an option to show time. (taimoorgit)
– Use a submodule for glslang, because it doesn’t guarantee API stability.
– Switched to GTK’s C++ interface, gtkmm3. This effectively drops
GTK+ 2.0 support.
– Joysticks can now be hotplugged. (jraby)

– Added audio output threading. (yoffy)
– Added screensaver prevention on joystick use. (greg-kennedy)
– Fix YUY2 conversion. (greg-kennedy)
– Add alsa output support. (cjacker)
– Add I420 conversion. (cjacker)

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