Sega Li v1.11.4 日本語化パッチ

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  • 11-10-10: 1.11.4
    I haven’t worked on Sega Li since late 2008. It would be a shame letting
    the progress after 1.11.3 fade away on my harddisk, so, after a mild peak
    of interest in the good old NES due to a friend currently developing a NES
    emulator for the MSX platform(!), I spent this weekend fixing things up.
    I feel asleep!!
    – mappers: MMC1 SOROM/SXROM is autodetected by SRAM size (same as with MMC6)
    – UI: added dialog for setting directories
    – CPU: fixed several undocumented opcodes (blargg testroms)
    – CPU: improved simultaneous NMI+IRQ/BRK behaviour (blargg testroms)
    – improved power-on/reset timing and initial state (blargg testroms)
    – UI: remember full screen/window setting on exit
    – PPU: fixed PPU read buffer ($2007) changing during rendering
    – mappers: proper support for iNES mapper #185 (copy protected CNROM)
    – CPU: added dummy reads quirk on (ZP),Y and ABS,X opcodes (blargg testroms)
    – removed ‘firmware’ game NeSnake 2 from the release build, I’m pretty certain
    that, unlike with meisei, people and Googlebots downloading my emulator have
    a stash of NES romzies ready to be played. Lots of thanks to Matrixz for
    having allowed me to include his game with Sega Li!
    – UI: imported many bugfixes from meisei (my MSX emulator sharing the same UI)
    – fixed system pauses with D3D if the window was minimized but still active

    [DL: Sega Li v1.11.4 日本語化パッチ]


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