Snes9x v1.62.2 日本語化パッチ

snes9xgit/snes9x: Snes9x

Snes9x 1.62
– Fixed SA1 division with negative dividend again. (Atari2)
– Fixed timing on several instructions. (pi1541)
– MSU1 audio with no loop point will not repeat from start.
– Modernized some old memory-related code.
– Fixed a desynchronization in interlaced modes and reporting.
– Remove SA1 access to WRAM.
– Added second set of registers between S-DSP and S-SMP. Fixes
PAL version of Virtual Bart.

Gtk + Windows:
– Added a Vulkan graphics output method. Similar to OpenGL, this
can use libretro’s slang shaders.
– Changed the automatic frame skip throttle to take place immediately
before showing the frame, making VRR work better.
– Add menu item to clear recent files entries.
– Add fixed window size changes up to 10x.

– Improved the shader parameters dialog with sliders and resize.
– Allow disabling adding registry entries. Deletes any existing
entries when the option is disabled.

– Switched to CMake for build system. Removed meson.
– Fixed some keys not working with modifiers. (Gutawer)
– Removed graphics options most people won’t understand or need.
– Improved wayland support. Handle fractional DPI properly.

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