Snes9X v1.58 日本語化パッチ

Snes9x 1.58
– Move the LICENSE file to the base directory and use a stub
in all the source files referring to it.
– Adjust Chou Aniki timing hack.
– Use 1-based numbering when displaying pressed keys.
– Hide controller port if disabled when displaying keys.
– Fix movie playback. (OV2, BearOso)

– Fix interlaced modes when overscan crop is enabled.
– Allow overriding -flto. (orbea)

– Use shared snes_ntsc implementation.
– Remove extra LGPL licensing to avoid confusion.
– Don’t translate config file entries. Fixes breakage on
non-C languages.
– Fix issue where config file doesn’t contain all configurable
– Remove config options for Netplay, Joystick, and JMA. SDL 2.0
is now mandatory.
– Updated gettext and removed intltool. update-po should now catch
all translatable strings.
– If available, reduce input lag option will now use fences instead
of glFinish to prevent hogging the CPU.
– Onscreen text can be variable width and will show up in some more
cases now.

– Add audio device selection (XAudio2 only)

2018/12/18 ・公開

[DL: Snes9x v1.58 日本語化パッチ]


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